HIDDEN WINE presents
20th Annual Mens Conference

20th Annual
Minnesota Men's Conference.

Robert Bly
Martín Prechtel
Shivam O’Brien
Doug von Koss
Miguel Rivera
and poets Tim Young, Thomas Smith,
and Jay Leeming.

Sept 14-19th, 2004
Camp Miller
Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota
Contact: Craig Ungerman
Phone: (860) 923-6987

email: hiddenwine@earthlink.net

Special event:
August 21st , Saturday
An evening of music and poetry
in Minneapolis, 7-10 pm
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It is our task to feed the soul.  The war has recently led to terrible losses in self-confidence and national respect which we are still experiencing.  The soul is not immune to these larger clouds, and no matter what party we belong to, we will feel, whether we want to or not, a sadness and a down-turning of the soul.  It is important not to let that down-turning go too far, just as in the excitement of victory we don’t want the soul to go too high.  What stories are helpful in a time like this?  There is a joy in the company of men in times like this.  

   This is a special year because we are celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the Minnesota Men’s Conference.  The usual crowd will be here for our twentieth year celebration, and we are especially delighted to welcome Martín Prechtel back this year.  

   Hopefully he will read from his great new book,
The Toe Bone and the Tooth, laying out that classic Mayan story of forgetfulness.   We’ll ask him for a ritual and for many talks.  A new teacher this year will be the Irish storyteller Shivam O’Brien.  He comes highly recommended by Martín as a great teller of tales. Miguel Rivera, with his high spirits, still has a difficult schedule, but he says he’ll come no matter what happens.  Doug Von Koss, I’m glad to say, will be here to perform his magical early morning singing sessions.  Tim Young, Thomas Smith, and Jay Leeming will be here to encourage the writing of poems and will do workshops.  Robert Bly will do a workshop on translation as he did last year, and he’ll read from his newly finished book of poems in which he describes stealing sugar; the book is called My Sentence Was a Thousand Years of Joy.  He’ll also read from his book against the Iraq War called The Insanity of Empire.

   We’ll remember all our years here, creating rituals by the lake.  During the week, we’ll have one night of ecstatic poetry in which everyone throws in a poem.  We’re hoping the Brothers Frantzich will return with their fantastic band.



©Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, Wolfram von Eschenbach, Codex Manesse, "Parzival"
Original image by Martín Prechtel,
all right reserved ©2003

Teachers in 2004

Robert Bly

Martín Prechtel
Shivam O’Brien
Miguel Rivera
Doug von Koss
Brothers Frantzich
Tim Young
Thomas Smith
Jay Leeming

Also there will be a Special event:
August 21st , Saturday
An evening of music and poetry
in Minneapolis, 7-10 pm
more info..

more info..

The Teachers

Robert Bly: internationally known author and poet, founded the modern men's movement. He has taught men how to create a home for what is best in them. He inspires both men and women to lead a life of intensity and beauty.

Interview in the Rake Magazine January 2004

Interview with Michael Ventura in the Sun Magazine May 2004

Shivam O’Brien: Storyteller, carpenter, poet and ceremonialist. Shivam breathes life into the Celtic tradition, and eloquently interprets indigenous and spiritual traditions worldwide. A spokesperson for the re-discovery of story, ritual and ancient wisdom generally, he is the originator of these and other courses.

"Honed over many years leading retreats, wilderness and ritual workshops, his command of ceremonial space and eloquence, sets eyes, ears and dreams aflame. Passionate and compassionate, a mighty stallion of vulnerability, bearing the war-drum for the Old Ways; he inspires a respect and a loyalty, rare in any time."

Martín Prechtel : A master of eloquence and innovative language, Martín Prechtel is a leading thinker, writer and teacher whose work, both written and oral, hopes to promote the subtlety, irony and pre-modern vitality hidden in any living language. His life, the well known subject of his previous books
Secrets of the Talking Jaguar and Long Life, Honey in the Heart, took him from his native New Mexico upbringing, as a half-blood Native American, from a Pueblo Indian reservation to the village of Santiago Atitlan where he eventually served the Tzutujil Mayan population as a full village member becoming a principal in the body of village leaders, responsible for instructing the young people in the meanings of their ancient stories that took place in the rituals of adult rights of passage.

Miguel Rivera: a musician and drummer, is a man who is in love with the language of sound. A regular teacher at this conference since 1993 it is always an honor to have Miguel teach drumming, read poetry, and assist Martín in leading rituals and reaching out to new particpants.

Martín once again resides in his native New Mexico. Teaching internationally through story, music, ritual and writing, Martín helps people in many lands to retain their diversity while remembering their own sense of place in the daily sacred through the search for the Indigenous Soul. Broadly cherished, Martín's third book, The Disobedience of the Daughter of the Sun: Ecstasy and Time, has become a runaway, underground hit. Martín’s fourth book, The Toe Bone and the Tooth was enthusiastically received in 2003 and will be available in paperback in April 2004.

Doug von Koss: happily returns again this year to lead early morning chanting. He teaches the vowel sounds as well as chants from the Near East and the West.

The Conference History

The Minnesota Men’s Conference was started by Robert Bly in 1984. This was shortly after the interview between Keith Thompson and Robert Bly called “What do Men Really Want?” This first conference, as well as all the ones following have included the telling of old stories, the gifts of poetry, making music together and opening our hearts to grief, which sometimes appears when men who trust each other gather together for a few days.

This conference has been blessed with many fine teachers such as Etheridge Knight, James Hillman, Michael Meade, and Terry Dobson in the 1980’s. Aaron Kipnis, John Lee and Robert Moore joined us in the 1990’s. In 1993 with the addition of Malidoma Somé, Miguel Rivera, Onaje Benjamin and Martín Prechtel, the conference moved towards a richer diversity of thought and a deeper connection to our ancestors. In the last few years we have begun to ask that men who have been given the honey of the old stories and soul teaching give some of this sweetness back to younger men. So again we are inviting 30 young men between the ages of 13 and 20 to attend this years conference.

We are asking all the men to reach back toward young men-both the fathered and the fatherless—and to work out rituals and ways of communication in order to offer to the younger men what the culture as whole does not.

Conference Site

This years conference will be held once again
at Camp Miller, a beautiful YMCA camp on
100+ acres of woods, fields and waterfront,
on Sturgeon Lake 100 miles north of the
Twin Cities. The cabins, dining room and
main meeting lodge are a combination of
rustic and modern. The camp staff are superb,
the food is excellent and the sauna is always hot!

What you need to know if
you are registering for the Men's Conference.

Past Themes

1984—What Do Men Dance About?

1985—Bringing Back the Gold! Men, Failure and Harvest

1986—Men’s Work in World: Leaving the Father’s House

1987—Animal Truths, Imagination and Danger: On the Track of Male Nature

1988—Passion and Purpose in the Male Psyche

1989—Developing the King: Inside and Outside

1990—Men in Community: Men in Ritual

1992—Men in Relationships

1993—The Hostile Brother

1994—The Generous Mothers and the Angry Mothers: Giving Gifts to Both

1995—Shimmering Flowers on the Community Tree: Growing Into Our Ancestor’s Faces

1996—The Adolescent Society and the Way Men Are

1997—Reaching Back to Younger Men

1998—Tracking Our Own Souls: Men in Nature and the Nature of Men

1999—Old Grandmother Growth: Men, boys and the Trickster

2000—Feasting the Mother Bear

2001—Who is the Friend of the Hidden One?

What will Heal the Wounded King?

2003—The Dragon of Grandiosity

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Recommended Books:
Martín Prechtel, The Tone Bone and theTooth
Martín Prechtel, Disobedience of the Daughter of the Sun
Robert Bly, The Insanity of Empire
Robert Bly, The Night Abraham Called to the Stars
Robert Bly, My Sentence Was a Thousand Years of Joy.

Scholarship Fund

The Minnesota Men’s Conference is supported entirely by participant fees and individual donations to the scholarship fund. Help reach out to a young man by sponsoring him to this year’s conference. Please send a check or money order for $10, $25, $50, even a full scholarship

20th Annual Minnesota Men’s Conference, Sept. 14 - 19, 2004
Camp Miller, Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota
Attendance will be limited to 90 adult men and 30 young men.

Cost : $650 Adult Men, $350 young men

After your registration is received, a confirmation letter with conference details will be sent.

By Air: If you are traveling by air, you will be arriving at the Mpls/St. Paul International Airport. We have reserved a charter bus to take you to and from the camp. The cost for this is $65 paid in advance.

The bus will be at the airport by 3:00 pm on Tuesday, Sept. 14th and will leave for the camp by 3:30pm.

The bus will return to the airport on Sunday, September 19th no later than 3:30pm. Please try to arrange your flights so that you arrive at least 1 hour before the bus departs from the airport and 1 1/2 hours after the bus arrives back to the airport.

By Car: Camp Miller is located 100 miles north of the Twin Cities, just off Interstate 35. To get to the camp, take Interstate 35 to the Sturgeon Lake exit. Go east approximately 1/4 mile to the Red Oak Inn, turn left and go approximately 1/4 mile to the Camp Miller entrance, which is on the right.

For more Information call Craig Ungerman at Hidden Wine:
Call in US
phone 860 923-6987

email: hiddenwine@earthlink.net

Conference Cost :(Conference costs include all lodging and meals)

Adult Men
: $650, registration deposit: $150.00

Young Men: (ages 13-20) $350, registration deposit: $75.00

Refund Policy:
All Deposits Refundable until August 1st, less $30 handling fee, after August 1st all deposits are non-refundable
Balance of fee Refundable until Sept 1st, less $30 handling fee, after Sept 1st all feees are non-refundable

What you need to know if you are registering for the Men's Conference.

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Conference Cost
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__Adult men $
650 Registration deposit: $150

__Young men (Ages 13-20) $350 Registration deposit: $75

Refund Policy:
All Deposits Refundable until August 1st, less $30 handling fee, after August 1st all deposits are non-refundable
Balance of fee Refundable until Sept 1st, less $30 handling fee, after Sept 1st all fees are non-refundable

Conference fee payment $_____________________
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For more Information call Craig Ungerman at Hidden Wine:
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What you need to know if you are registering for the Men's Conference.

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