HIDDEN WINE presents
27th Annual Mens Conference


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Sept 13th-18th, 2011
Camp Miller,
Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota

Additional Logistical Details
Minnesota Men's Conference:

What to Bring
A sleeping bag or bedroll, pillow, personal items such as soap, shampoo,
toothbrush, razor, towel, washcloth, and a flashlight. Bring clothing for
warm, cold, and wet weather. Don't forget a journal or notebook, pens and
pencils. Bug repellent and earplugs might also be useful. If you have a
drum please bring it. (We would also appreciate any extra drums for men who
do not have a drum of their own.)

NOT to Bring
DO NOT bring alcohol or non-prescription drugs. DO NOT bring
video-recording equipment
. DO NOT bring a tape recorder. The conference
will be recorded and audio CD's will be available for purchase at the end of the
conference for participants only.

Çell Phone / Camera usage
Please respect the privacy of others and speak softly and out-of-hearing-range of others nearby if you have to remain in cell phone contact with family or associates. Personal cameras are permitted, but please ask permission BEFORE you take a photograph of anyone on the camp premises. There will be a landline phone you can use, but bring a phone card for long-distance access. We recommend leaving your phones and camera behind so you can enjoy a rest from the pressure and demands of modern life. The camp is located in a beautiful and rich natural setting.

Camp Miller is a YMCA camp approximately 100 miles north of the Twin Cities
on Sturgeon Lake. The cabins, dining room and main lodge are a combination
of rustic and modern. There are athletic fields and a sauna for us to use.
Outgoing telephone service is available.
Emergency messages may be left at
218-372-3188 during your stay
. Meals and accommodations at Camp Miller are
included in your registration fee.


By Air: If you are traveling by air, you will be arriving at the Mpls/St.
Paul International Airport. We have reserved a charter bus to take you to
and from the camp. The cost for this is $80 paid in advance. A conference
participant will meet you at the baggage claim level by Gate 4. Look for
the sign, "Men's Conference". The bus will be at the airport by 3:00pm on
Tuesday, Sept. 13th and will leave for the camp by 3:30pm. The bus will
return to the airport on Sunday, September 18th no later than 3:00pm.
Please try to arrange your flights so that you arrive at least 1 hour
before the bus departs from the airport on Tuesday and 90 minutes after the
bus arrives back at the airport on Sunday. Please include flight
arrangements on the enclosed return form.

By Car: To get to the camp, take Interstate 35 to the Sturgeon Lake exit.
Go east approximately 1/4 mile to the Red Oak Inn, turn left and go
approximately 1/4 mile to the Camp Miller entrance, which is on the right.

Schedule and Meals
Registration will begin at 4:00pm Tuesday, September 13th at the camp. The
conference will begin at 6:30pm with dinner. The conference will conclude
at 12:30pm on Sunday, September 18th. Dinner will be served on Tuesday
night and breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served Wednesday through
Saturday. Breakfast and a bag lunch will be provided on Sunday.

Books and Tapes
A well-stocked bookstore will be available courtesy of AllyPress.com
Selections will include books, tapes, CD's and videos by the conference
teachers and other related sources. Visa and MasterCard are accepted for
purchases. Sales of the conference CD's will also be handled through the

We are asking conference participants to consider a contribution to a
scholarship fund for men who would not otherwise be able to afford
attending. There is a space on the enclosed return form for adding your
voluntary gift to this fund. If you know of someone who is interested in
attending the conference but has limited funds please have him call me. We
still have room for more participants.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call
Craig Ungerman at 860– 923 - 6987,
call or you can try my cell phone at 860-942-1658.

I look forward to seeing you in September.

Craig Ungerman, Hidden Wine

September 13th- 18th, 2011

with Robert Bly, Ed Tick, Malidoma Somé, John Lee, Miguel Rivera, Danny Deardorff, Martin Shaw, Doug von Koss, Tom Gambell, and many other teachers...

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