Southern California Men’s Retreat was a Huge Success!!!

photo credit: Owen McGoldrick

Twenty seven Men made the “hard climb up the mountain” to our first Southern California Men’s Retreat on MT. Pinos at El Camino Pines. Eleven veterans graced our group with their presence along with three amazing street poets, several anti-war protesters, a few conscientious objectors, a bunch of Men’s Conference veterans and several other brave men who all courageously shared and listened to each others stories along with the BIG story for three days and three nights.

Photo credit: Owen McGoldrick

Mother Nature did her part on Friday by providing us with a foot  of snow and she threw in some thunder and lightning for good measure.  

Here are some comments by a few of the men who attended:

“Extremely therapeutic. Extensively healing. A hospital for the soul”
— Taylor Maxie

“As a veteran of many men’s group retreats with Robert Bly (which jumped started the whole movement), I have to say that after attending the retreat focused on war veterans, the experience got deep and very soulful much quicker and was extremely powerful.  The healing was deep and rich.  With the pending tension across the globe, this work is on the cutting edge, and extremely urgent.”—John Densmore

“There was a haunting beauty to the whole thing and it was all blanketed by snow and the contrasting and continual log fire that seemed to represent our hearts. The snow covered the rage and hurt of past war wounds and becalmed everything…..It seemed the Spirits knew we were there and what we were doing….. This was a peak experience for me.”— Owen McGoldrick