A Letter from Miguel Rivera:

Miguel calling with the Conch

This year I am participating in a series of conferences. The first one took place in Southern California– April 12-15, 2012. It was a very rewarding men’s retreat entitledTHE HARD CLIMB UP THE MOUNTAIN: Reclaiming Our Sanctuary and the Seeds of Our Community.

The motivation for wanting to have events of this nature grew out of the concern with how to deal with the rising number of suicides among the active service men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not to mention the large number of military personnel returning with PTSD to the United States.  It seems that the attempts by some of the established rehabilitation methods are not sufficient in dealing with the severity of the problems, and they will not go away by just prescribing medications and a perfunctory Memorial Day parade.

I have been a teacher at Robert Bly’s Minnesota Men’s conference since 1993. Last fall Dr. Ed Tick author of “War and the Soul” was invited to bring his work. After the conference all of the teachers decided to focus future conferences on veterans issues.

The retreat in Southern California was one the first of several this year in which we will try to create a place where veterans can come and begin the healing process that will integrate them into the community. This is also a plea on my behalf to find sponsors for the veterans of all wars that want to attend but cannot do so because of funds.

I am also reaching out to anyone I know in the Therapy/Healing community/Men’s groups to see if they want to sponsor a vet or know someone that will benefit by attending.  Please contact us with any questions you have. I will also talk to any group about what it is we do.  The goal is to make these events ongoing, in order to create long term healing in our community and in the country.

Contributions are tax deductible and can be made through Soldier’s heart:

Indicate the event you wish to sponsor.
Every single dollar counts, no amount is too small.

Thank you,
Miguel Rivera