Veterans and the Effects of War

Robert Bly’s 27th Annual Minnesota Men’s Conference and Dr. Ed Tick, director of Soldier’s Heart, joined together for the 2011 conference: “When the Waters Rise: Men and the Work of Renewal,” to be held at Camp Miller near Sturgeon Lake, MN on September 13 -18, 2011.

In 2011 we called out to all men in our society who have been physically, spiritually, emotionally and psychically traumatized by deep and unresolved grief.   Chief among these are our warriors – our veterans.  Ed Tick joined forces with our talented group of internationally acclaimed teachers to help create a safe place for veterans, civilians, anti-war demonstrators, refugees, the young and the old to come together to tell our stories to one another and address the invisible and unhealed wounds of past and current conflicts. Continue reading

Praising the Soul in Women and Men

The University of Minnesota Librarires maintain the Robert Bly archives, and they sponsored a special conference called Robert Bly In This World in 2009. One of the presenters, the poet Thomas R. Smith, wrote an very insightful essay that has recently been published within the book that came out of those proceedings. The essay is entitled “Praising the Soul in Women and Men: Robert Bly and the Men’s Movement.”   Thomas R. Smith has also released a short excerpt from that book chapter which can be downloaded and previewed. Its called ” THE BIRTH OF THE MYTHOPOETIC MEN’S MOVEMENT