Men’s Conference Testimonial, by Jim Lee

At my first conference, I was relieved at how at home I felt amongst these guys of all shapes, personalities. Everybody was fully there and having a great time. Martin Prechtel, Robert Bly, John Lee, Miguel Rivera, and Doug von Koss, five unforgettable, funny, brilliant men, were the conference teachers.

Waking up to the sound of bagpipes

From the moment it started, the conference had a good taste. It was a mix of nourishing stuff, a feast of large and small group activities, sharing, story telling, singing, reciting poetry, practicing martial arts, listening to musical performances, sufi dancing, doing more in a typical day than can be easily digested or dreamed about sufficiently. One goes home from the conference with a huge hunger awakened, the desire to eat all of Russia for example, or to partake of Argentina. All the nourishments men don’t give themselves, under the rules we so often live by, are available at the conference in plenty, including an unlimited supply of good home cooked food, a sauna and a lake.

But the main event is the wisdom of the the varying cast of men who teach at the conference in any given years. It is their big hearts, the nourishing bread of their ideas, and the conference rituals and activities they lead us in that renew us in our knowing what we know in our genes but tend to forget at this moment in our culture, that as men we should be generous with one another and offer support as needed for each other’s growth.

— Jim Lee