HIDDEN WINE presents
27th Annual Mens Conference

Please join us this year as we address the invisible and unhealed wounds created during past and current wars to both veterans and non-veterans....

Sept 13th-18th, 2011
Camp Miller,
Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota

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At this year's conference we will work together to create a genune homecoming for troops and veterans, rites of passage for all men no matter what our histories, and reconciliation between veteran and civilian men.

We are pleased to welcome Ed Tick to this conference for the first time. Ed has been working for veterans for over 30 years, pioneering the psycho-spiritual restoration and healing of the warrior. He is director of Soldier's Heart and author of War and the Soul.

Special programming for veterans will include:

Sweatlodge ceremonies for veterans
Concert and songwriting workshop by Iraq veteran singer/songwriter Jason Moon

If you would like to attend the Men's Conference
and need financial assistance, please contact
the event organizer:
Craig Ungerman at 860-942-1658
or email: hiddenwine@earthlink.net

Our goal is to welcome all veterans with open arms and, if needed, financial aid to help defray the cost of tuition, room and board.

artwork by Gabriel Tick

All wounds, stories and experiences are welcome and needed and will be honored.

September 13th- 18th, 2011

with Robert Bly, Ed Tick, Malidoma Somé, John Lee, Miguel Rivera, Danny Deardorff, Martin Shaw, Doug von Koss, Tom Gambell, and many other teachers...

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The only choice left is between non-violence and non-existence. That is where we are today."

Dr.Martin Luther King Jr., April 3,1968,
one day before he was assassinated

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